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Top 3 Ways to Pass a Drug Test?

01 Apr Top 3 Ways to Pass a Drug Test?

The two words that put a chill down the spines of many- drug test. Whether you’re trying to get a new job or keep your old one, there are a few things you need to know.

The Internet reports the #1 guaranteed way to pass a test, don’t do drugs. I think you can all join me in saying, “Umm…. no.” Bad news, THC can stay in your system for over 30 days.

The Water Dilution

Drink everything in sight. The idea is to continuously rehydrate your cells and flush the remaining THC out. With this method, hit the gym or sauna. Sweat it out, and rehydrate with clean water.

The problem is it could take a long time, not be fully effective, or even cause water poisoning. A little hint if you try, the night before or day of the test take a vitamin B12. It will make your urine yellow, and the technician less suspicious of dilution.

The Diuretic Cleanse

Coffee, diet pills, cranberry juice, and over-the-counter Midol decrease the amount of water and sodium in the body via urination. Make sure that you are replenishing with a sports drink or water to not get dehydrated.

The Smuggler

Have your non-smoking buddy urinate in a balloon or un-lubricated condom, hide the sample on your person but never in your pockets.

Once in the bathroom puncture the balloon/condom and fill the cup. Hide the evidence in your shoe (NOT the garbage can) and turn in the sample.

When you are taking a pre employment test they cannot search you but they can make you empty the pockets. If the sample is not skin-to-skin, you’ll need to heat it up with the defroster in your car.

Any other great ideas? Leave a comment! Good luck my friends, and happy smoking.