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Cannabis Use and the “Bad Trip”

01 Apr Cannabis Use and the “Bad Trip”

There are hundreds of stories of “bad trips” regarding marijuana. One of the only negatives of marijuana use is this elusive term and a reference to paranoia.

A bad trip on marijuana is often described with racing thoughts, elevated heart rate, and panic attacks. Without knowing it, users may be experiencing a medication interaction. Stimulants or even caffeine drinks in combination with marijuana can cause all of the above symptoms. Even if prescribed, anti depressants or anti anxiety medications can result in a negative experience with THC.

Edibles are often blamed for bad trips due to users not fully understanding how much to eat and what it does to the body. When THC is eaten, vs. smoked, the liver breaks it down into a different chemical called 11-hydroxy THC. The chemical causes a more psychedelic affect and can be off putting to non-familiar users.

Many rookies ingest edibles because it seems less intimidating than smoking. Their lack of understanding can often result in the eating of too much or more than they were expecting. When they become uncomfortably high (yes, that’s a thing), the paranoia sets in and excessive relaxation is viewed as pending doom.

The key to overcoming a bad trip is staying calm. Remember that yes, it will end and no, overdose is not going to happen. A simple solution is to take an antihistamine (Benadryl), focus on breathing, and trying to relax enough to fall asleep.

During a bad trip remember that there is most likely a mind set or chemical process involved. Relax, stay informed, and enjoy the ride.