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We have created an amazing community of loyal weed-lovers- just like you.

Upload pics, videos, articles or anything that lights your bowl.

Access to our “nug” galleries brings you weed, women, and all things important.

About Us

MarijuanaNug is dedicated to giving you an unbelievable Internet high. Not only do we search high and low for laughs and the latest and greatest marijuana info, we want to see what you can come up with! This is the place to upload videos, pics, articles, and anything that lights your bowl.


The MarijuanaNug team is partnering with you to grow the Cannabis culture in the masses. Check out our “Nug” galleries and upload pictures of your own. They’re full of weed, women, and all things important.


Since 2013, we have amassed an awesome community of loyal weed-lovers. Join in and pass your “Nug Love” around to the rest of us.

Recent Posts

  • Synthetic Marijuana, Smoke the Real Stuff

    I am an emergency paramedic and have personally dealt with K2 on dozens of occasions. The K2 patient I remember most clearly was a 27 year old male that was playing Uno with his friends (can’t make this stuff up) and using K2. I was......

  • Top 3 Ways to Pass a Drug Test?

    The two words that put a chill down the spines of many- drug test. Whether you’re trying to get a new job or keep your old one, there are a few things you need to know. The Internet reports the #1 guaranteed way to pass......

  • Cannabis Use and the “Bad Trip”

    There are hundreds of stories of “bad trips” regarding marijuana. One of the only negatives of marijuana use is this elusive term and a reference to paranoia. A bad trip on marijuana is often described with racing thoughts, elevated heart rate, and panic attacks. Without......

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